Laser Acne Treatment

Not Tried and True Yet

If you have looked in the mirror for years and cringed at the scars left behind from acne, there are options available to restore your complexion. These are all available from a dermatologist. There are, however, several considerations you should evaluate before making your decision about which technique is right for you. Discuss all the procedures and expectations with your doctor while asking all the relevant questions. If you choose laser acne treatment, only a licensed doctor with experience should perform this option. They can make a professional recommendation regarding which wavelength and intensity of laser will be appropriate for your level and type of scarring.

As it currently stands there are no governmental regulations regarding laser acne treatment in the realm of who can do the procedure. So please choose carefully, and ask for references. This particular treatment is gaining in popularity and is relatively painless. There is very little recovery time and, depending on the goals, the patient can experience only a little discomfort. Compared to other treatments, it is less expensive. If you have dark skin, know that there have been cases of skin tone discoloration after the procedure.

Depending on the severity and depth of scars, laser acne treatments will utilize different types of laser beams. There is an option for laser resurfacing that uses a CO2 laser or Erbium Yag laser that removes layers. Also available is a pulsed dye laser that concentrates a beam onto the affected area. This is a mild procedure that can produce bruising, and will generally need to be repeated to be successful. Patients with Rosacea skin damage are responding well to the use of pulsed lasers. These procedures are often combined with more aggressive measures to fully remove the scar tissue and restore the complexion.

Due to the newness of these laser acne treatments, all the facts and statistics are not in yet. The utilization of this process by non-professionals also contributes to the lack of comprehensive scientific data. Some professionals in the field are calling for long-term, in-depth studies to verify the process in a satisfactory manner. The procedure, however, is a very popular option pursued by a large number of consumers. If you choose the laser treatment, its worth repeating that you should only allow a doctor to perform the procedure. Like all healing, this course is a process. It may be the option you need to reach your complexion goals.