Acne Scar Treatments

Restore Your Complexion

If you have suffered with acne and now have the scars to prove it, there are several solutions for removing those reminders. These options are best coordinated with your dermatologist for effectiveness and safety. Your skin type, tone and severity of scarring will determine which will provide you with the best results. When choosing among the available acne scar treatments, be realistic about your goals. There are many techniques available. Each option has its pros and cons and all the information should be considered before making your final decision.

One option in acne scar treatments is termed dermabrasion. The skin is numbed or frozen and fast spinning wheels remove the damaged layer of skin. This allows new skin to re-grow where the scar was. This is the first choice of many patients followed closely by laser resurfacing. Both can cause redness, swelling and possibly scabbing, making it the most difficult as far as recovery time and discomfort. Using a laser as a tool instead of diamond wheels allows more accuracy for depth and affected areas. Your doctor will discuss whether your scarring requires these measures to achieve clear skin.

Chemical peals are also used in the realm of acne scar treatments. Your doctor will use an acid to remove a layer of skin where the scar tissue is found. This will reveal a smoother layer from underneath. These treatments are often repeated for maximum benefit. This is a kinder, gently technique than the dermabrasion or laser options but may not work as well for deep scarring. The healing time is quicker and there will be redness with possible dry, flaking skin. Also available for shallower scars are saline injections. These require multiple sessions, and the recovery is quick and virtually painless.

Acne scar treatments for deeper impressions may require punch techniques or augmentation. The first procedure involves surgical type removal of the scars with the addition of a possible skin graft. Some removals are allowed to heal naturally, while others are allowed to “float” giving the skin underneath time to rejuvenate. Augmentation involves injections under the scars of some type of material, usually collagen. This is a temporary fix, and has no recovery time involved. Your doctor may suggest more than one option for differing areas of concern. Discuss all the avenues thoroughly before deciding on a course of treatment. This will help match the procedure with your personal goals.