Home Acne Treatments

Go Natural

There are quite a few chemical based products on the market for the alleviation of acne outbreaks. Some are quite effective and depending on your needs they may be the appropriate choice. If, however, you would like to try some home acne treatments, there are some proven techniques that have been around for centuries. These natural based products and processes have been used across the globe for the successful treatment of blemishes. They have held their own with the options on the market for skin care, and they do not contain harmful ingredients.

Steaming the skin is a popular and effective way to keep those pores open and clean. Use one tablespoon of essential oils such as lavender, marigold or chamomile with steaming water for a 15-minute period. These oils can found at any nutrition or herbal store. You may combine the (cooled) liquid with finely powdered oatmeal for a home acne treatments wash, instead of soap. You can also use the cooled liquid from parsley and boiled water on a compress. Strain the herbs and use daily for a clearer complexion.

One effective method for home acne treatments involves astringents. This is the basis for the commercially produced items as well. Witch hazel and tea tree oils are excellent for this process. Witch hazel can be dabbed on the skin with a cotton ball. Studies have shown that a 5% solution of the tea tree oils is comparable in results with a 5% benzoyl peroxide medication for acne treatment. Thyme and peppermint tea are also great astringents. Both can be strained, bottled and kept refrigerated for ease of use. This is a great option for the teenagers who might balk at the stronger smelling concoctions.

Other lessen know home acne treatments are made with common items in the kitchen. A honey and onion juice mask for 15 minutes will help your complexion. Also, you can rub a clove of garlic on a pimple to help with the healing process. Make a paste from cabbage leaves and distilled witch hazel in your food processor. This can be used to clean and astringe the face on a daily basis. One more suggestion involves egg on your face literally! Egg whites draw the oils from skin, so swab a bit on a pimple. As a final thought, the sun will stimulate oil production in your skin. The result is that if your pores are clogged you will experience more acne.